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[Bug 11708] Display all basketgroups on one page, and new column aqbasketgroups.closeddate


Julian Maurice <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #210 from Julian Maurice <[hidden email]> ---
Created attachment 74218
Bug 11708: New page for basket groups

This patch moves the code responsible for displaying a list of basket
groups into its own Perl script (acqui/basketgroups.pl), making the code
in basketgroup.pl and basketgroup.tt a little bit easier to read.
basketgroups.pl displays all basket groups in a single table (as bug
13371 for vendors) where rows are grouped by bookseller.

In the process, this patch adds 4 new "Koha::Object" modules:
- Koha::Bookseller(s)
- Koha::Basket(s)
- Koha::Basketgroup(s)
- Koha::Order(s)

It also adds a wrapper around the new DataTable() constructor to be able
to use it with the same defaults than the previous dataTable()

Test plan:
0. Create a bunch of booksellers and basketgroups
1. Go back to acquisitions home page and click on "Basket groups" link
   on the left
2. Play with the table (sort, filter) and try every possible actions
   (Edit, Close and export as PDF, View, Reopen, Export as CSV)
3. Go to a specific vendor page and click on "Basket groups" tab
4. Check that only the vendor's basket groups are displayed

Signed-off-by: Séverine QUEUNE <[hidden email]>

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