[Bug 11299] Add a button to automatically link authority records in cataloguing (AJAX )

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[Bug 11299] Add a button to automatically link authority records in cataloguing (AJAX )


Marcel de Rooy <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #62 from Marcel de Rooy <[hidden email]> ---
Thx for submitting your work. But I am still having serious doubts about this

In the editor we normally work with the authority popup. You completely go
around that here, but I still need to undo the plugin assignments before I can
really get your function working.
If I disconnect 600, you still assume that it is a personal name. But I may not
want to work with your approach? If I enter an incorrect authid into $9, it
accepts the name in $a and does not create an authority.
But in another field (650), I see one is not accepted with an invalid authid,
and another one with invalid authid is accepted. This is not stable.

To get short, I would recommend to remove the link button, move your function
to a plugin and minimize the changes to existing code to get it working. In
that way we can choose which plugin we want to use. It might provide evidence
for being stable and making a transition.

tests for LinkBibHeadingsToAuthorities ?
new sub AddAuthorityFromHeading
Please note that the RM does no longer want to add C4 routines.
What about UNIMARC btw?
And adding an authority should not be in C4::Biblio!

+    # Get the first heading found in the biblio informations
+    foreach my $field ( $record->fields() ) {
+        my $heading = C4::Heading->new_from_bib_field($field);
+        next unless defined $heading;
Isn't there a smarter way than just passing each field to Heading ?

+is(C4::Biblio::AddAuthorityFromHeading(), 0, 'AddAuthorityFromHeading returns
zero if not passed heading, field or bib');
This is not enough to test a new sub.

Double eval (comment 59)

There are enough reasons listed to postpone further QA for now. I am sorry for
the amount of work here, but imo it needs larger adjustments.

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