[Bug 10060] Self Checkout module does not honour circ control

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[Bug 10060] Self Checkout module does not honour circ control


Oliver Behnke <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Oliver Behnke <[hidden email]> ---
For us it's the other way round: we use a two-library-setup, both with
auto-self-checkout enabled (based on cardnumber). The problem is that since the
internal self-checkout user also has to be assigned to exactly one branch, that
branch will be used as "current location" when a patron checks out a book. So,
it's the self-service account's branch that's used instead of the borrower's

From looking at the code it seems that C4::Circulation->AddIssue() is using
"C4::Context->userenv->{branch}" where "$borrower->{'branch'}" should probably
be used instead, since the current user's branch isn't relevant (even wrong) in
the auto-self-checkout context.

FYI, we use the following config (if relevant at all):
- CircControl: the library the item is from
- HomeOrHoldingBranch: the library the item is from

Shall I open a dedicated bug report for that I do we (re)use this one...?


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