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Authorities Cataloging SIG recording up

Hernandez, Heather H
Hi, all!

The recording of today's Koha-US Cataloging SIG about authorities is up at   with a link to the chat file that contains links to resources, tips and tricks.  It was a great session looking at getting free authority records from the Library of Congress (and my learning a lot about that process, which is very new to me!), overlaying authority records, exploring linking, going through authorities sysprefs, using MarcEdit, reports, discussing clean up projects and ongoing workflow, and much more!

Our next meeting will be about building your library catalog without OCLC, on Thursday, June 4, 2020 @ 8am – 9am PT (9 MT/10 CT/11 ET) US time,   The meeting is open to everyone--you don't have to be a Koha-US member.  Please feel free to join with video and audio enabled--please chime in, share your tips and tricks, even share your screen if you'd like, and ask questions!  I'll try things out in our real, live, in production Koha catalog.

Can't make it?  The meeting will be recorded and available on the Koha US YouTube channel:

 The Cataloging SIG is one of Koha US's SIGs, listed here: You can join via the "Join" button on this page, or email [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]> for assistance with joining any of the SIGs.  Full details on our SIG meetings, as well as those of the other SIGS, are on the Koha US calendar,



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